Makeover Monday 2020 - Week 20

I have started trying to create a Makeover Monday viz each week with the new data set they supply on Each week I will embed the new visualisation below in a blog post and try to provide a little background on how I created each viz. 

Week 20 of Makeover Monday is looking at car insurance prices across the United States. The dataset and the original viz can be found on Data World. I had never made a hex map like this before so thought I would give it a go. All that is required are some coordinates for each state and a custom shape for the hex, in png format to allow colouring.

For the coordinates, a quick google search helped me find them on this blog post on the Tableau website. I then went to Flaticon to find my png hex shapes. You can join the hex coordinates to the original dataset to plot the states as a shape, which I used the hex shape for. A little Tableau wizadry allowed me to overlay a hex outline around the block hex shape in the middle.

For the colour of both shapes I used the full coverage price, which really makes Michigan stand out. Could never imagine paying that much for insurance each year.

So there we have it, a Tableau hex map made for Makeover Monday.

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