Plotting Event Data in Matplotlib

In this Python Tutorial I will plot event data from StatsBomb in a few different scenarios. This will include shots and passes from a single match. This data will be called using the StatsBomb python library and reformatted entirely in Python. I hope you enjoy.

Tutorial - Team Shot Dashboard

Hi guys, In this weeks tutorial, we are expanding on the shot plot we created in R by adding some extra information to easily understand the plot and some context around it.

Tutorial - An Easy Way of Plotting Shots in Power Bi

Hi all, following on from my last tutorial, I have now created something more football specific using the built-in scatter plot in Power Bi. This tutorial will take you through building a basic shot plot with shots coloured by outcome.

Comparing Players in the FA WSL

This post is aimed at walking through one method of comparing players upon specific metrics within a league setting. For this example I will use a couple of different metrics from the free StatsBomb FA WSL dataset.

A look at attacking and defensive effectiveness

The use of scatter plots can provide a lot of information in a quick snapshot. In this blog post I provide an overview of some uses the scatter plot can have in comparing relational data to see where a team fits compared to their opposition.