Caculating Monotony and Strain in Power Bi

Do you still use monotony and strain to monitor your athletes for overtraining? Well in this weeks #PowerBiForSportScience tutorial I will show you how to calculate monotony and strain to power up your monitoring reports.

How to Uncouple your ACWR in Power Bi

Are you using the Uncoupled Acute Chronic Workload ratio but unsure how to add this to your Power Bi report? Well look no further, find out how to do it in this Power Bi For Sport Science tutorial!

Training Load Dashboard: Workload Ratio Forecasting

Wanting to see what a workload ratio might look like with forecasted load? Use this trick in Power Bi to add this to your reports.

Training Load Dashboard: Comparing to Planned Load

We have our team summary, so next lets compare to the load we had planned. In this video, we will do that and help with forecasting!

Training Load Dashboard: Viewing your team status at a glance

We have our training load dashboard, but how do we see the team at a glance? We create a summary page thats how!

Can I add pop ups to my report? You sure CAN using bookmarks!

Are you wondering how to create pop ups in your PowerBi reports? I will show you how using bookmarks!

Training Load Dashboard: Visualising Warnings

Have you started your training load dashboard and want to know how to make decisions? You can add warnings using conditional formatting and I am going to show you how!

Create a jitter scatter plot with 1 measure in PowerBi

Have you ever wanted to create a Jitter Scatter Plot in Power Bi but you are unsure how? In this PowerBi for Sport Tutorial I will show you how using a single measure!

Creating your very own training load monitoring dashboard with PowerBi

Are you looking to create your very own training load monitoring dashboard? In this PowerBi for Sport Science tutorial I show you how to get started!