Match Report Part 6 - Shooting Analysis

In part 6 of our match report series, find out how to dig a little deeper in to your data with a simple shooting analysis of the match.

R For Sport - Calculating Rolling Averages in R

Hi everyone, in this weeks R For Sport post we are looking at how to calculate rolling averages using different packages that have been developed specifically for R.

An Introduction to R - Working with CSV Data

Hey everyone, Welcome back to this weeks R for sport post. This week, we will start working with CSV files in R. I will show you how to read the data into an R environment, manipulate the data and export the data to a new file.

An Introduction to R - Using StatsBombR

Hi Everyone, This week we are stepping back in time a bit, returning to the origins of my blog and showcasing some R. We will be walking through an Introduction to R, focussing on StatsBombR.

Match Report Part 5 - Season Ranking

In Part 5 of our match report series, we look back at what we have done so far and also add performance of our team throughout the season. Check it out today!

Match Report Part 4 - Recent Performance

In Part 4 of our match report series we will show performance over recent matches to help visualise how the team is trending.

Plotting Event Data in Matplotlib

In this Python Tutorial I will plot event data from StatsBomb in a few different scenarios. This will include shots and passes from a single match. This data will be called using the StatsBomb python library and reformatted entirely in Python. I hope you enjoy.

Match Report Part 3 - Today's Performance

In Part 3 of our match report series we add some stats to show the performance of the team in the given match.

Tutorial - Team Shot Dashboard

Hi guys, In this weeks tutorial, we are expanding on the shot plot we created in R by adding some extra information to easily understand the plot and some context around it.

Match Report Part 1 - Data Load

Hi all, Welcome to a new series of videos I am starting this week, creating a match report using StatsBomb event data. This series will run over a few videos, starting with this first video walking through loading data in to Power Bi.