Power Bi

Using the R Visual in Power Bi

Hi all, Have you been wanting to use the R Visual in Power Bi? In this week’s Power Bi For Sport tutorial, I will show you how to use the visual to create a simple bar chart in Power Bi.

Using DAX to Stack Bar Charts in Power Bi

Hi all, Have you ever wondered if you can dynamically select a value to appear in your DAX measures? Can I change my graph from showing total distance to high-speed running distance?

Creating an Athlete Leaderboard in Power BI

Hi all, Have you wanted to report data to your athletes but not sure how? One option to create some competition between your athletes is using a leaderboard to display data from a given training session or test.

Creating a Dynamic Measure in Power Bi

Have you been trying to create a similar experience to Excel, where you can change a dropdown value to view different metrics? Using this DAX you can do just that!

Match Report Part 6 - Shooting Analysis

In part 6 of our match report series, find out how to dig a little deeper in to your data with a simple shooting analysis of the match.

Caculating Monotony and Strain in Power Bi

Do you still use monotony and strain to monitor your athletes for overtraining? Well in this weeks #PowerBiForSportScience tutorial I will show you how to calculate monotony and strain to power up your monitoring reports.

How to Uncouple your ACWR in Power Bi

Are you using the Uncoupled Acute Chronic Workload ratio but unsure how to add this to your Power Bi report? Well look no further, find out how to do it in this Power Bi For Sport Science tutorial!

Creating a Pass Map in Power Bi using R

Hi Everyone, I recently had a few people reach out to me about creating plots in Power Bi for visualising the direction of kicks in Rugby. Sure it is a different sport, but I thought this was a perfect time to show a few methods of doing this, using football data, that we can apply back to rugby data.

Match Report Part 5 - Season Ranking

In Part 5 of our match report series, we look back at what we have done so far and also add performance of our team throughout the season. Check it out today!

Standard Deviation Above and Below the Mean - Monitoring changes in athlete performance

Hi all, Have you been wanting to create a standard deviation that is above and below the mean? In this video I show you how to do this for a selected group of team data, or a single athlete over time.