Tutorial - Rolling Average Measure

Hi all,

I thought I would follow on from my calculated column a few days ago and present a method for creating this as a measure as well. This measure uses the same DAX with a few minor differences due to how measures work and what they require in Power Bi.

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Import Notes for Measures

There are a few important things to keep in mind when working with measures.

  1. Measures are affected by slicers and values in a given visual so are highly dynamic. The measure in essence, tells the visual how to aggregate a given set of data.
    1. For example, our shots would be aggregated on the date on the x-axis, rather than using all data from the table.
  2. We can work around this by telling the measure to use all the data in a given table using the ALL function from DAX. We can then filter the data using specific values that aren’t supplied in a slicer for example.
  3. We can also add dynamic values using unrelated data sources, such as the number of matches to average over. This allows measures to be dynamic rather than the static calculated columns.

Hope this video was insightful.

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